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Dirk Maassen
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Here and Now


Sony Classical is proud to announce the release of Dirk Maassen´s new album, Here And Now. For this album, the pianist and composer Dirk Maassen has created a series of multilayered sound-fields that offer their listeners not only breadth and depth but also a sense of movement.

The pieces that are included in the present album breathe and open up spaces that may be compared to windows into the soul, where they conjure up even deeper layers. To be rooted in the here and now is the starting point for associations and offers us an opportunity to dive into a world of dreams. Unobtrusive and sometimes barely audible, sounds and nuances result in a moving and, indeed, affecting volume of sound. With every piece the desire grows stronger to surrender ourselves to these melodies, which are full of melancholy and freshness. Each of these twelve pieces conveys a feeling of freedom and a certainty that we are at home and at peace with ourselves. 

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